Red Sleeping Beauty - Soundtrack Red Sleeping Beauty Soundtrack

Format: CD
Label: Siesta
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Siesta Description: Soundtrack is indeed the kind of intimate gossamer ticket to guide us all through our days and ease us towards dreams at night. Dipping into "Soundtrack" is like emerging from a cold, blustery day into a house where you sit by the fireplace with a steaming mug of cafe au lait in your hands. Your CD player never had it so good! Thirteen songs of lifting pop brilliance wrapped up in horns, flutes, handclaps and sealed with a kiss from Stockholm.
\s\s\sRSB is a fabulous group of scintilating kids delivering short (to leave the listener wanting more) guitar or synth-melody pieces chock full of hooks and catchy bridges. Ooh, don't forget some of the finest-sing-a-loong choruses to be found anywhere! They are a breath of sonic beauty; I simply can't fathom why they aren't widly famous and loved beyond a loyal cadre of pop aficionados, college djs and those indie fans who patrol small shops looking for the manic pop thrill of song and fable. Having Siesta, behind then will be a great boon to their getting the audience they are both ready for (they've been around since '89), and worthy of.
\s\s\sDo not hesitate to give this album a long look. We live in times that seem to look askance on pure pop music, as if we had overdosed in the sixties&seventies when the radio was awash with flat out pop bands and haven't cleared our heads yet. There seems to be a deep suspicion about bands that deal in melody, chorus and hooks -the inescapable charm of a well written love dressed in jangly guitars and haunting vocals is almost something to be mistrusted or at the very least held out at arm's length. NO! Reach out and embrace.

Track listing:
1. "The Young Pretenders"
2. "Soul Provider"
3. "The Things I'd Say"
4. "Nervous"
5. "Summer At Its Best"
6. "Enough"
7. "Casino Classic"
8. "Certainly"
9. "How Do You Kill Your Food?"
10. "It Happens"
11. "Your Opinion"
12. "The Light That Guides You"
13. "You're All There Is"

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