Tender Trap Face Of '73

Format: 7" vinyl
Label: K
Price: $4.40
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K Description: Following on the demise of Marine Research, Amelia Fletcher has risen again in the guise of the Tender Trap. Accompanied by her Marine Research band-mates Rob Pursey and DJ Downfall, Amelia has coalesced her voice and impeccable taste into a fourth experiment in unforgettable, streamlined pop music (previously she fronted Talulah Gosh and Heavenly). "Face of '73" is an indication of what to expect from the Tender Trap album (KLP126, release date: July 16, 2002).
\s\s\sThe B side, "Fin", will not be included on the album. It is a special re-mix by DJ Downfall.

Track listing:
1. "Face Of '73"
2. "Fin"

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