Liberty Ship "I Guess You Didn't See Her"

Format: 7" vinyl
Label: Matinee
Price: $3.55
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Matinee Description: Impressive debut single by a band from Nottingham, England coupling the catchy "I Guess You Didn't See Her" with a glorious cover of the Byrds classic "She Don't Care About Time." The band turned a lot of heads when they played a Matinée night in London last year, and will surely win over new fans with this debut release. Think East Village or Weather Prophets with a larger than customary dose of 60's jangle a la Byrds or Buffalo Springfield and you're nearly there. Lead vocalist and guitarist Marc Elston used to be one-half of pop combo Bulldozer Crash, who released a clutch of excellent releases on Sunday and Heaven Records back in the day. He is joined in the Liberty Ship by comrades Tim and Rachel to produce a beautiful commotion with chiming guitars and lovely female harmonies. Limited to 1000 copies.

Track listing:
1. "I Guess You Didn't See Her"
2. "She Don't Care About Time"

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