Callow Up Is A Direction, Not A Location

Format: CD
Label: Red Roses For Me
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Red Roses For Me Description: Up Is A Direction, Not A Location combines four songs a piece from the band's first two self-released EPs along with four new songs exclusive to this album. The music is a blend of pop-infused melancholy and melody.
\s\s\sFormed in Maryland in the fall of 1999, this seven-piece band has combined its love of bands such as prime-time Elvis Costello, the Flaming Lips, Pernice Brothers, Mark Eitzel and The Beach Boys to great effect without merely aping their heroes.
\s\s\sSeveral tracks benefit from the added contribution of some friends on violin, viola and cello.

Track listing:
1. "Oxygen"
2. "Dichotomy"
3. "Lessons In Shuteye"
4. "Bobby Let Her Hair Down"
5. "King Beachy"
6. "The New Yorker"
7. "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"
8. "Calloween"
9. "Are You A Robot?"
10. "Far From Smart"
11. "Lobster Boy"
12. "The Perfect Genetic Machine"

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