Stella Luna Stargazer

Format: CD-EP
Label: Clairecords
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Clairecords Description: Summer 2002 ushers in the debut release by stateside guitar atmospherists Stella Luna. The 4 song EP will be a precursor to their full-length follow up later this year. Our outer space explorers completed the project at Retrophonic Studios with 35 year recording veteran Jim Devito. The EP was recorded entirely analog to tape through all vintage recording equipment, using only tube gear, tube mics, and vintage amplifiers to achieve a very big - warm expanse of sound. A non-stop voyage from the shattering opener "Change" and intensely cinematic "Stargazer" to the swirling, organ-like Leslie guitar tones of the sci-fi "Antares" and the climaxing album closer - "A Bridge to Nowhere". The sounds heard on the Stargazer EP via understated drums, percolating analog synths, wildly-effected guitars and the layered vocal bliss of Hanson and Smith all combine to create a feel for the future, one of space, and of beauty... a true listening experience. Primarily influenced by pioneering guitar-based bands of the 80s and early 90s - Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine - Stella Luna are continuing in the tradition of textured guitar experimentation. The group has developed their own sound into dense guitar washes and sleepy, dream-time vocals. This high volume affair combined with grinding bass guitar, electronic sampling, and tight knit percussion promises a true listening experience as well as a disarmingly powerful live show. The group has a lengthy history - one almost too long to describe in detail. Veterans of the Northeast Florida music scene, the band's members were once a part of local Jacksonville press darlings and East coast tour meisters The Kryppies ('94-'97), Boyette, and Peel. Stella Luna is: Susan Hanson (guitar/vocals), Devon Smith (guitar/vocals), Rhonda Roberts (bass guitar), Jennifer Sterling (keyboards/sampler), Darin Fitzpatrick (drums). (*NOTE: Formerly known as Northeast Florida's STARBELLY, the group changed its name to STELLA LUNA last Autumn due to the fact that several other groups in the U.S. were already sharing the Starbelly title.)

Track listing:
1. "Change"
2. "Stargazer"
3. "Antares"
4. "Bridge To Nowhere"

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