Rivulets Thank You Reykjavik

Format: CD
Label: Bluesanct Musak
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BlueSanct Description: Four songs recorded live in-studio for Icelandic National Radio in Reykjavik in March of 2001. These four versions were inspired by the vast, alien landscapes and warm-hearted people there. Performed solo for voice and guitar, these songs are stripped to a bare, spare minimalism that leaves the mind to fill in the spaces with memories and hope. Rivulets is centered on the tense, moving and often disturbing "underwater folk" songs of Nathan Amundson. His self-titled debut was recently released on Chair Kickers' Music, a label run by Alan Sparhawk of Low. Though LD Beghtol (Flare, Magnetic Fields), Mimi Parker (Low) and Alan Sparhawk (Low, Black-Eyed Snakes) all guest on the album, Rivulets is the sole moniker and vision of Amundson, "a new member of the very limited group of people that are capable of channeling melancholia into sonic goodness. " (Broken Face, Sweden)

Track listing:
1. "Barreling..."
2. "Four Weeks"
3. "How, Who?"
4. "Stead"

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