Printed Circuit Acrobatics

Format: CD-EP
Label: 555
Price: $5.78
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555 Description: After inspired releases on Irritant, Catmobile and Elefant records Leeds' very own Printed Circuit, at last record a release for 555. Tip-top electronica that sees Claire Broadley, (for she is Printed Circuit), continuing her happy marriage between Kraftwekian old skool sensibilies, with computer generated stutters and pulses, with childlike awe and innocence. This new release reveals PC's intent and potential for THE perfect pop moment, (complete of course with vocoder singalong choruses). Classy artwork/packaging by David Figurine.

Track listing:
1. "Act Robotic"
2. "Hard Drive Soft Drink"
3. "Blinken Lights"
4. "Robophobic"
5. "Adventure Games"

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