Various Artists The Matinee Summer Splash!

Format: CD
Label: Matinee
Price: $6.01
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Matinee Recordings Description: Bargain 12-song sampler of artists playing at Matinée gigs in England the last week of August. Features exclusive tracks, rarities, and previews of forthcoming releases from Airport Girl ("When You Fall"), Harper Lee ("Fine Bones"), Kosmonaut ("Was It You?"), The Liberty Ship ("Don't React"), Lovejoy ("You Fell From Grace"), Melodie Group ("I Do Not Not Love You"), Pipas ("Cruel and Unusual"), The Pines ("Leavin? on Your Mind"), Slipslide ("X Supplies the Answer"), Sportique ("Rollercoaster"), The Windmills ("Walking Around the World") and Would-Be-Goods ("Dilettante"). Selling for the price of a single, this is simply a deal no matter how you slice it. Limited to 1000 copies.

Track listing:
1. Harper Lee: "Fine Bones"
2. : "Dilettante"
3. Airport Girl: "When You Fall"
4. Slipslide: "X Supplies The Answer"
5. Melodie Group: "I Do Not Love You"
6. Pipas: "Cruel And Unusual"
7. Sportique: "Rollercoaster"
8. the Windmills: "Walking Around The World"
9. Liberty Ship: "Don't React"
10. the Pines: "Leavin' On Your Mind"
11. Lovejoy: "You Fell From Grace"
12. Kosmonaut: "Was It You?"

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