Orwell - Following Days Orwell Following Days

Format: CD
Label: Hidden Agenda
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Hidden Agenda Description: This debut album of orchestral pop from French trio Orwell blends current electronics with pop classicism akin to the most refined pop craftsmen of the 70s, sophisticated pop with gentle melodies and omnipresent string arrangements influenced by both 60s orchestral pop and 80s new wave. These fantastic songs are sung in both French and English, but no matter what language you speak, you're sure to find Orwell wholly enjoyable. Features contributions from Fugu and Mederic Gontier from Tahiti 80

Track listing:
1. "Toutes Les Nouvelles Parlent D'hier"
2. "Fear Of Mars"
3. "Une Si Belle Aventure"
4. "Sans Cesse"
5. "Live On"
6. "L'arrière-Boutique [Partie 1]"
7. "Devenir"
8. "À Nous..."
9. "Clair"
10. "L'arrière-Boutique [Partie 2]"
11. "Seulement La Foule"
12. "Comme Ceux Qui Savent Poser Leurs Cheveux Dans Un Angle De Lumière"
13. "Des Lendemains"
14. "À Nouse... (Reprise) [Fugu Version]"

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