the Violents - Rebecca's Morning Voice the Violents Rebecca's Morning Voice

Format: CD
Label: Mud Records
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Mud Records Description: Local female punkpop power-trio have been giving The Scene a righteous shake-up for over a year now, this is their debut album... A musical blend the Chainsaw, Kill Rock Stars, K Records aesthetic with echoes of former Champaign powerhouse Sarge, The Violents are the Power of Grrrl Power incarnate! From the strummy and smoldering opening peals of "Sledding" to the raucous riffs of combustible live favorite "Pants Of Flame", The Violents have injected each song with a degree of angst and intimacy that is confounding? The album is divided into two distinct halves. The first being the mellower "side" (like an LP vinyl phonograph record), songs sung directly to the listener and the best advice is to listen, their imparting theories of some importance. The second "side" is a head-over-bootheels assault, a handful of classic girl-and-guitar-driven punk-rock odes distilled to thee most primal of essences.\s\s\s For fans of totally rockin' chicks like Sleater-Kinney, Bratmobile, The Butchies, Team Dresch, Sahara Hotnights...

Track listing:
1. "Sledding"
2. "Three Fifty Nine"
3. "Casualties"
4. "Whore"
5. "Pants Of Flame"
6. "Scape Goat"
7. "Say Something"
8. "You Don't Know"
9. "Gary Numan"
10. "AD/HD Vs. The Violents"
11. "Franni"

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