Gypsophile Vs. Shop - Deux Musiciens En Crise Gypsophile Vs. Shop Deux Musiciens En Crise

Format: CD
Label: Radio Khartoum
Price: $9.95
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Radio Khartoum Description: In the one corner, Radio Khartoum's resident nocturnal crooner and nouvelle chanson française ambassador: Guillaume Belhomme alias Gypsophile. On the other side of the ring, drummer for classic French indiepoppers Des Garçons Ordinaires, trash electronics aficionado, multi-instrumentalist (and fine whistler): Emmanuel Lamour alias Shop. Part collaboration, part smash up, all French. Remastered, remixed and expanded, this is the definitive edition of a schizo pop classic that never got a proper release. This edition, in its handsome Bügelfrei designed digipack, changes all that. Music to crash parties style!

Track listing:
1. "(Three Beginning Points)"
2. "Like It Or Not"
3. "Cubic Fanfare Club #3"
4. "Our Bright Hours"
5. "The Only One"
6. "Things Will Be Arranged"
7. "Apart (Shaggy Short Mix)"
8. "Matto Grosso"
9. "Your Garden Party"
10. ""L" Mouth"
11. "Four Roses For Rose"
12. "Rien Surtout"
13. "(Three Ending Points)"

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