Hunkydory - Over The Rainbow Hunkydory Over The Rainbow

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Mike Alway Description: Hunkydory mean a lot to me. An authentic children's group from Lewes, East Sussex in Southern England, I signed them to el records in 1988, anticipating that their LP 'Over the rainbow' would be released that year. Little did I know that the event would take almost fifteen years to transpire.
\s\s\sIn the british independent pop scene of those days, there was nothing like Hunkydory. I saw them as the English Partridge family or Brady bunch. Onre seemed almost to travel back in time to pluck them from their cartoon world of pigtails and lunchboxes to bring them to el.
\s\s\sThe lead singer was Matthew Prout a precocious childstar in the making, with Heidi Stone, Marie Yeandle, Sandra Clinton and Mathew Tester sharing vocals and providing the array of guitars and keyboards that consituted their endearingly light, uniquely charming sound.
\s\s\sIn true Partridge and Brady tradition, Matthew Tester's father Malcolm wrote most of the lyrics and arranged the material.
\s\s\sIn 1988, el was at last beginning to cement it's reputation and following hard on the heels of the archetypical bad dream fancy dress and Would Be Goods albums the Hunkydory record seemed the logical next step.
\s\s\sHowever at that moment, almost before the ink was dry on the contract, Cherry Red decided the eccentricities of the project were too much for them and withdrew their support of el. The owner of Cherry Red flew to the West coast of America to be with his guru and with some surly used car salesmen in charge of the London hq it was now certain that the game was up for el and that Hunkydory would sadly be stillborn.
\s\s\sSomewhow however, Hunkydory have gone down in history as part of the oeuvre and their unreleased record something of a legend. Indeed is now regarded as el's great lost album.
\s\s\sAt least until now...
\s\s\sIn the spring of 2002 following a chance meeting occured between myself and Malcolm Tester, arrangements were made for these two beautiful siesta editions and for artistic justice to at last be done.

Track listing:
1. "On The Loose"
2. "Over The Rainbow"
3. "It's Love"
4. "We're Through"
5. "Another Christmas Day"
6. "Noisy Fun Famous"
7. "I Don't Believe It"
8. "Russians"
9. "We've Got Each Other"
10. "Gabriel The Angel"
11. "Dreamland Express"
12. "Can't You See"
13. "Tomorrow"

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