D+ - Mistake D+ Mistake

Format: CD
Label: Knw-Yr-Own
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K Records Description: D+ is the hometown study group formed by Bret Lunsford (Beat Happening), Phil Elvrum (the microphones, Old Time Relijun) and Karl Blau (Captain Fathom) now in its sixth year. Mistake is the third D+ album, following the self-titled 1997 debut and 1998's Dandelion Seeds, both released on K Records. Mistake furthers the collaborative process within the band: Elvrum's loving insistence on textural exploration; the mad science of Blau's beautiful pop wisecracks; the clunky stridence of Lunsford's refusal to matriculate from elementary musicianship. One of those elemental ingredients in the K stew is the windy kelp riptide flowing between northwest islands. In the base of it, the Anacortes Sound -- exemplified by The Few, Pounding Serfs, Gravel, Crabs, D+ and the new crop of serfing minstrals - tastes of stubborn nostalgia and unfathomed depths. Mistake is a D+ update which essays: What kind of disease makes you mistake your friends for your enemies? Mistake is an album that serves as a progress report on the path toward next year's album, On Purpose
\s\s\sDespite three years without a release, interest in D+ has continued to simmer. While Phil Elvrum has criss-crossed the globe with the microphones and Old Time Relijun, Bret's Knw-yr-own is stirring the pot with two impressive label comps, Remote Wing and this summer's Shipwreck Day, released in conjunction with the musical jamboree dubbed What-The-Heck fest.

Track listing:
1. "Mistake"
2. "Business"
3. "God Beyond God"
4. "Are You Done"
5. "Megadose"
6. "What's Not to Fall in Love With"
7. "You're So Right"
8. "Take You for Granted"

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