Jenny Toomey - Tempting - Jenny Toomey Sings The Songs Of Franklin Bruno Jenny Toomey Tempting - Jenny Toomey Sings The Songs Of Franklin Bruno

Format: CD
Label: Misra
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Misra Description: For those of you who haven't heard the news, Tempting is a record of 12 songs written by the fabulous Franklin Bruno and recorded by the world's best musicians and sung by Jenny Toomey. Those of you who have followed Franklin's work may recognize reframed standards such as "Inarticulate Boyfriend" from his heralded Etudes for Voice and Snackmaster Shrimper cassette, or the country-styled "Cheat" from his Simple Machines album A Bedroom Community. You may wonder why we aimed so high. It was a daunting task, but I'm placing a fiver on the tree stump that when you've got the CD under the laser you'll swoon to the Calexico-fried forms these songs took once we got Joey Burns and John Convertino in the room, after seventy dollars worth of shrimp tacos from Pico de Gallo. Mr. Convertino in particular is all over the record, supplying the classic backbeat to the one-woman Supremes on "Every Little Bit Hurts," and digging out the perfect percussion instrument for the forays into calypso and bossa nova territory. Besides the aforementioned Calexicans and friends, all your trading-card favorite musicians from Antidote (Jenny's widely acclaimed 2001 double CD) are here in newer, "specialer" roles. Buy stock in a castanet manufacturer now: There's sure to be a run on the instrument after the world hears Amy Domingues's blaze of flamenco glory on "Your Inarticulate Boyfriend." And when Amy forgot her cello wasn't a bass early in the sessions, she plucked "Just Because It's Dying" until her index finger was a full half-centimeter shorter. As for Franklin, well, we convinced him to leave the distortion pedal at home and tickle the keys, the vibes, the occasional guitar...and the tiny, detuned banjo that was laying around our engineer Craig Schumacher's Wavelab hit factory. Franklin listened to Jenny's tales of woe, pulled some songs that fit the situation from his extra-large piano bench, and wrote a passel of new ones just for Jenny to sing, as if she were Judy Garland to his Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg, or Elaine Stritch to his Stephen Sondheim, or Dionne to his Burt and Hal, get the point. After all this, I'm too exhausted to describe the title track...but it's tempting.

Track listing:
1. "Your Inarticulate Boyfriend"
2. "Decoy"
3. "Cheat"
4. "Empty Sentiment"
5. "Just Because It's Dying"
6. "Masonic Eye"
7. "Tempting"
8. "Pointless Triangle"
9. "Unionbusting"
10. "Let's Stay In"
11. "Only A Monster"
12. "Every Little Bit Hurts"

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