Cerberus Shoal - Elements Of Structure/Permanence Cerberus Shoal Elements Of Structure/Permanence

Format: CD
Label: Temporary Residence Ltd
Price: $11.25
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Temporary Residence Description: Local artist Tim Folland made two silent films asked Cerberus Shoal score the soundtrack. Folland wanted the band to improvise while watching the films and their first takes would be the final cuts. For this endeavor, Cerberus Shoal invited Tarpigh to come improvise with them. The session went so well producing two drifting, mood-altering slices of progressive jazz-influenced rock -- that the two bands decided to officially join forces under the Cerberus Shoal moniker. This is a brilliant snapshot of the birth of magic that grew to unforeseen heights between these six amazing musicians. Unchoreographed, unassuming, and unbelievably good.

Track listing:
1. "Elements of Structure"
2. "Permanence"

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