Phenomenological Boys Melody, Melody, Melody And More

Format: CD
Label: Tomlab
Price: $8.07
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Track listing:
1. "Intro"
2. "He's So Dumb"
3. "Interlude"
4. "Everthing's Got a Shade of Green"
5. "Visit to Venus"
6. "Interlude"
7. "Will There Be Yodeling in Heaven"
8. "Let's Get Rid of Richard"
9. "Interlude"
10. "I Like What You Like"
11. "What Do You Take Me For"
12. "Interlude"
13. "Invented Part of the World"
14. "Anti-Beard Song (Go Go Goatee)"
15. "Interlude"
16. "Ice Cream"
17. "Most Beautiful Day of My Life"
18. "End"

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