Merton Parkas Complete Mod Collection

Format: CD
Label: Anagram Records
Price: $14.93
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Track listing:
1. "Face In The Crowd"
2. "Plastic Smile"
3. "Empty Room"
4. "Tears Of A Clown"
5. "Hard Times"
6. "Silent People"
7. "When Will It Be"
8. "Give It To Me Now"
9. "You Need Wheels"
10. "You Should Be So Lucky"
11. "I Don't Want To Know You"
12. "Steppin' Stone"
13. "The Man With The Disguise"
14. "Give It To Me Now (single version)"
15. "GI's It"
16. "Put Me In The Picture"
17. "In The Midnight Hour"
18. "Band of Gold"
19. "Flat 19"
20. "You Say You Will (demo)"
21. "Dangerous Man (demo)"
22. "Put Me In The Picture (demo)"

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