Morgan Caney And Kamal Joory Magic Radios

Format: CD
Label: City Center Offices
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City Center Offices Description: the "magic radios" album and live experience represents a happy collision between two musicians from very different backgrounds. all the way from the ultra precise world of contemporary electronics to imaginary soundtracks of the wild prarries and the mating rituals of the pioneers?. yeeeeee haaaaaaa! kamal joory has produced many recordings for various electronic labels (skam, neo ouija, staaplatt, nature etc) as geiom also taking his sound to various open-minded corners of the globe and providing interactive soundscapes for international performance artist simone kenyon and the milleux collective. morgan caney - a versatile and well travelled musician/composer, whose experience has taken in playing at ronnie scotts (as part of the experimental jazz ensemble) scaring people in tunnels ( part of his ongoing sonic art tapeworks project ) and teaching Himalayan children the joys of the human beatbox. so far this collaboration produced two sublime 7" singles for the berlin based label city centre offices and also the closing track on the geiom lp "sellotape flowers". then the pair got totally carried away and produced so many tracks that a full length lp was the only logical conclusion. they bust their balls to create a contemporary masterpiece for you you you you and you! gorge aplenty on a myriad feast of warm and delicate melodies, vacuum cleaners in space junkshop vibes, latino piano, insect percussion, lovesick cowboy vocals, electro brakes, spine-tingling violins, acoustic shredding, campfire. expect to find this and more in a typical live transmission from "magic radios".

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