Chris Lucey Songs Of Protest And Anti Protest

Format: CD
Label: Rev-Ola
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Rev-Ola Description: Chris Lucey...the man who never of one of the most mysterious, rabidly collectable and expensive west coast folk-rock albums of all....A monster on Ebay, revered by Julian Cope, and buzzing through every psychedelic website on the net...Produced by Marshall Lieb, Phil Spector's Teddy Bears collaborator, sounding like Arthur Lee demos backed by a punk version of Tim Buckley's band, sung and written by a man who worked with The Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, Kim Fowley, P.J. Proby, Lowell George, and Curt Boettcher among other luminaries, but still managed to fall through the cracks of history, Bobby Jameson...subject of the most lavish and expensive Billboard ad supplement ever...(for which the invoice is still outstanding) of "Mondo Hollywood" and best remembered among LA scenesters for jumping oft the roof of the Riot House on Sunset and walking away a glimpse of that Mondo Sunset Strip underbelly that never really got represented at Monterey...On the mysterious Surrey Records, released under a pseudonym, and boasting a blurred snapshot of Brian Jones jamming in a club on the Strip as it's front cover...with a jazzy version of Bobby's song "Girl From The East", better known as recorded by Garage-meisters The Leaves...what was going on here God only knows. But a West-Coast Classic from the Twilight Zone yes indeed. Includes four never before released songs from the same sessions.

Track listing:
1. "That's The Way The World Has Got To Be"
2. "I'll Remember Them"
3. "Girl From Vernon Mountain"
4. "I Got The Blues"
5. "Saline"
6. "That's The Way The World Has Got To Be (pt. 2)"
7. "With Pity, But It's Too Late"
8. "You Came, You Saw, But You Didn't Conquer Me"
9. "Girl From The East"
10. "Don't Come Looking"
11. "Metro Man"
12. "There's A War Going On"
13. "Insecure Little Person"
14. "World War 3"

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