Sinkcharmer Stars In Winter

Format: CD
Label: Unstoppable
Price: $10.20
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Parasol Distribution Description: Bittersweet indie rock with aching melodies set against a backdrop of mechanical beats. Sweetly ramshackle electro-pop utilizing about everything from Autoharp to Zither, the fertile ground between straight up indie rock, mournful folk music, and electro-pop.

Track listing:
1. "The End"
2. "As Nevada Burns"
3. "20 Paces"
4. "Stars In Winter"
5. "Down To Dollars"
6. "Dusk"
7. "Ode To A Grifter"
8. "Goosemayer"
9. "Rubber Legs"
10. "Last Dance"
11. "Precious Lies"
12. "The Lighted Way"
13. "Brightest Minute In The Darkest Hour"
14. "Nevada Goes On Forever"
15. "The Brightest Things"
16. "Stars In Winter (Reprise)"

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