Seasick Crocodile The Destructive Act Of Embarrassing Myself

Format: CD
Label: Red Square
Price: $8.28
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Red Square Description: 17 songs. Seasick Crocodile is Robbie Lawson, one half of the Boyish Charms, coming up with yet another boyish and charming album of his own. After several acclaimed underground cassette releases in the United States, Red Square Recordings collect together these songs for what is Seasick Crocodile's first commercially distributed venture. This album is a modest dive collection of beautifully understated songs, lo-fi gems that glitter in their simplistic and unadorned sincerity.

Track listing:
1. "Beginnings"
2. "Fading"
3. "Don't Tread On My 8-Track"
4. "Let It Show"
5. "Wet Infant Discovers Electricity"
6. "I'm Just Looking For A Corporate Girl"
7. "Jeff I Implore"
8. "Finish Me In April"
9. "The Evenings Aren't What They Used To Be"
10. "My Gentle Crip"
11. "Oh God Keep Them Safe"
12. "The Troubled Population Of A Future Ghost Town"
13. "Perfume"
14. "Sending Smiles From Across The Country"
15. "Worst Case Scenario"
16. "You Cannot Outsmart Your Pain"
17. "Endings"

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