the Groovy Cellar - Happiness Lies Ahead the Groovy Cellar Happiness Lies Ahead

Format: CD-EP
Label: Firestation Tower
Price: $6.01
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Description: Contains songs not on the 7".

Firestation Tower Records Description: wonderful return by this great band. had releases on germany cult label marsh marigold. now they are back in action. the title track seems to be their best popsong they had recorded so far. "Happiness" kicks of with an great northern soul beat and will let you think of the finest moments of such bands as Spearmint. all other four tracks (incl. one remix of the titletrack) are also real guitarpoppearls, so we are sure you will fall in love the first time you hear them.

Track listing:
1. "Happiness Lies Ahead"
2. "Take Me As I Am"
3. "Summer In May"
4. "Happiness Lies Ahead (Oh, My Poor Darling - Remix)"
5. "Rachel (unplugged)"

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