Mccarthy - That's All Very Well, But.. Mccarthy That's All Very Well, But..

Format: CD
Label: Cherry Red/Anagram
Price: $14.93
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Track listing:
1. "Red Sleeping Beauty"
2. "Should the Bible Be Banned"
3. "M.P. Speaks"
4. "Fall"
5. "Funeral"
6. "We Are All Bourgeois Now"
7. "Antinature"
8. "Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill"
9. "Frans Hals"
10. "Myth of the North-South Divide"
11. "Something Wrong Somewhere"
12. "This Nelson Rockefeller"
13. "Charles Windsor"
14. "From the Damned"
15. "Child Soon in Chains"
16. "Enemy Is at Home (For the Fat Lady)"
17. "Well of Loneliness"
18. "You're Alive"
19. "Keep an Open Mind or Else"
20. "I'm Not a Patriot But..."
21. "Comrade Era"
22. "Should the Bible Be Banned"

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