Mccarthy - Enraged Will Inherit The Earth Mccarthy Enraged Will Inherit The Earth

Format: CD
Label: Cherry Red/Anagram
Price: $14.93
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Cherry Red Description: After the success of their previous albums, 'The Best of McCarthy' and 'I'm A Wallet / Banking Violence and Inner Life Today' comes a McCarthy album which includes rarities that have never been on CD before.

Track listing:
1. "Boy Meets Girl So What"
2. "Governing Takes Brains"
3. "An Address To The Better Off"
4. "Hands Off Or Die"
5. "What Boys Are Fighting For"
6. "Keep An Open Mind Or Else"
7. "We Are All Born Creeps"
8. "The Home Secretary Briefs The Forces Of Law And Order"
9. "I'm Not A Patriot But Throw Him Out He's Breaking My Heart"
10. "All Your Questions Answered"
11. "New Left Review #2"
12. "The Lion Will Lie Down With The Lamb"
13. "St. Francis Among The Mortals"
14. "Nobody Could Care Less About Your Private Lives"
15. "Can The Haves Use Their Brains"
16. "With Our Eye On Getting Their Pay"
17. "Boy Meets Girl So What (from the At War E.P.)"

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