Pipas - A Cat Escaped Pipas A Cat Escaped

Format: CD
Label: Matinee
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Matinee Description: Brilliant album from London-based international pop duo Pipas features ten new tracks that will undoubtedly help strengthen the band's genre-melding reputation. Successfully combining harmonic indiepop with dance music, band members Mark Powell (ex-Bella Vista and Moonlings) and Spanish native Lupe Nunez-Fernandez team up with an ingeniously programmed drum machine to create infectious popsongs which manage to be both unpretentiously simple and naturally sophisticated. "A Cat Escaped" is a tantalizing treat of modern sounds and guitars that jangle in all the right places, with short, sweet songs and breezy vocals featuring plenty of ba-ba-ba's. The band has developed an avid international fanbase on the strength of previous releases "A Short Film About Sleeping" on Matinée and "Chunnel Autumnal" on Long Lost Cousin, plus a clutch of celebrated live sets in England, Scotland, Sweden and Spain. This highly anticipated new album will delight Pipas partisans and entice new fans.

Track listing:
1. "What Nobody Does"
2. "The Conversation"
3. "Barbapapa"
4. "Rock And/Or Roll"
5. "Old Kent Road"
6. "The Witches"
7. "Cruel And Unusual"
8. "A Cat Escaped"
9. "Emblematic"
10. "Run Run Run"

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