Scarboro Aquarium Club - Poisoned Scarboro Aquarium Club Poisoned

Format: CD
Label: Le Grand Magistery
Price: $10.71
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Track listing:
1. "Never Been to the Moon"
2. "FuturePop"
3. "Coming Back Empty"
4. "Drinking the Poison -- Unfire"
5. "I Can Feel Angels"
6. "Little Nikka"
7. "Sleeping Sound"
8. "Perfect Distraction"
9. "Fire"
10. "Someone Else"
11. "All the Good Things"
12. "Midnight at the Aquarium"
13. "The Hemlock Girls"
14. "Everything Anyways"
15. "Jumping in Front of Trains"
16. "Flying Over Yelapa"

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