Various Artists David Design - From Sweden With Love

Format: CD
Label: Labrador
Price: $12.50
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Description: Monica Zetterlund, Koop, Jay-Jay Johanson, Heed, Club 8, Paola, Airliner, Lisa Nilsson, Rebecka Törnqvist, Douglas Heart, Mondial, Stakka Bo, Titiyo, Emma Nilsdotter...

Track listing:
1. Monica Zetterlund: "I Love New York"
2. Koop: "Waltz For Koop"
3. Jay-Jay Johanson: "So Tell The Girls That I'm Back In Town"
4. Heed: "What Would You Do For Me"
5. Club 8: "Love In December"
6. Paola: "Above The Candystore"
7. Airliner: "Always Never"
8. Lisa Nilsson: "Viola"
9. Rebecka Tornqvist: "Plötsligt Så Flyger Min Själ"
10. Douglas Heart: "Expired"
11. Mondial: "Undesevered Disgrace"
12. Stakka Bo: "High And Low"
13. Titiyo: "Given Thing"
14. Emma Nilsdotter: "Sommaren Med Kjell"

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