Gwens Devil's Cliff

Format: CD
Label: Happy Happy Birthday To Me
Price: $7.10
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Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records Description: New Jersey 3 piece that called it quits last year left us with just 3 singles, a full length, and a few compilation tracks. These guys appeared on labels like Earworm, HHBTM, Kindercore, Contact, and many more....

Track listing:
1. "A Miss Helen Welcome"
2. "Actin' Funny"
3. "Churchworms"
4. "Tangled"
5. "Nilford"
6. "Like A Friend"
7. "A Mother's Words"
8. "It's A Puddle"
9. "Saturday"
10. "Her Old Diary"
11. "Lemonade"
12. "The Cold Pillow"
13. "In Your Skin"
14. "Somewhere A Nightmare"
15. "Seven Stitches"
16. "Dear Florence"
17. "Everything's Right Here"
18. "Just About All"
19. "Thiefbirds"

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