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Format: CD
Label: Happy Happy Birthday To Me
Price: $7.10
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Happy Happpy Birthday To Me Description: Davey Wrathgaber of the Fablefactory's first solo venture is really out there. Total oddville is the best term I have heard used to describe what we
have here. 9 tracks and a CD-extra that includes bonus slide show, hidden track, art project, and film on your PC.

Track listing:
1. "Grease Monkey"
2. "It's Superstition"
3. "Blessed Flying Object"
4. "Winky Fink"
5. "S.F.G.O.L."
6. "Brown Clown"
7. "Friendly Shadows"
8. "Tune Out the Day"
9. "Disappointing Pugilist"
10. "[CD-Rom Track] [Multimedia Track]"

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