Kingsauce Please Don't Change The Channel

Format: CD
Label: Happy Happy Birthday To Me
Price: $7.10
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Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records Description: 14 songs from Vince Mole & His Calcium Orchestra bass player Rich Chodes will have you thinking you have unearthed some unreleased Raspberries songs, or a Monkees tribute. Rich loves to mix pop and comedy, and gives us 14 songs that have loads of hooks, and some laughs as well. Limited to only 500 copies.

Track listing:
1. "County Fair"
2. "Gumdrops"
3. "Psoriasis"
4. "Cardboard Licence Plate (Back In The Slammer Again)"
5. "Ballad Of Ernie And Bert"
6. "NYC Teachers Lament 2001"
7. "Willy Whistle"
8. "Officer Friendly"
9. "Shut Up"
10. "Please Don't Change The Channel"
11. "Livin' With The Yentas"
12. "What's Happenin'"
13. "Playing In A Beatle Cover Band Blues"
14. "Jackie Earle Haley (Saga Of The Bad News Bears)"

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