Elekibass California

Format: CD
Label: Pid
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Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records Description: Japanese pop 6 piece that love all things pop....nods to the Beach Boys, Kinks, but lots of zaniness as well with touches of influence by Of Montreal showing through as well. But then again they have played with Of Montreal and Elf Power in Japan, and they toured the USA with Of Montreal in 2001. This American pressing of their debut CD features 3 bonus tracks, a new original, and two covers, one of Of Montreal, and the other of the Great Lakes.

Track listing:
1. "Eleki Of California"
2. "You Share The Same Heart In Theory"
3. "Beginning 1"
4. "Let's Brian"
5. "I'm Leaving"
6. "La Coste"
7. "Trouble Born-Born"
8. "Beginning 2"
9. "Daniel"
10. "Electric Waltz"
11. "Johnstone"
12. "Beginning For Apartment"
13. "Everything So Bright"
14. "Mellow Yellow"
15. "A Little Touched (Great Lakes Cover)"
16. "Springtime Is The Season (Of Montreal Cover)"

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