the Loch Ness Mouse - Key West the Loch Ness Mouse Key West

Format: CD
Label: Happy Happy Birthday To Me
Price: $9.75
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Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records Description: One of Norway's biggest indie bands that has everyone talking. The Loch Ness Mouse follow up their debut "Flair for Darjeeling" leaving lots of the twee behind, and focusing on some pretty solid songs on this sophomore effort. They got some help from Jamey Huggins and Kevin Barnes(Of Montreal), Scott Spillane(Gerbils, Neutral Milk Hotel), Heather Macintosh, the Late B.P. Helium (ex-Elf Power), and folks from the Tables, Ethnobabes..and more. If you dig Love, Zombies, and newer bands like Apples in Stereo then you'll love the Loch Ness Mouse.

Track listing:
1. "Hanna And The Twins"
2. "Salty Hair"
3. "Marker Numbers"
4. "Aloha"
5. "Adrift"
6. "In The City In The Morning"
7. "I Lost My Heart To Mary Ann"
8. "Jules Verne"
9. "Ceylon Sailor"
10. "Narrow-Gauge Railways"
11. "Listen Up!"
12. "Quay West"

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