the Lucksmiths - Midweek Midmorning the Lucksmiths Midweek Midmorning

Format: CD-EP
Label: Matinee
Price: $5.65
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Matinee Description: Superb new single from beloved Australian notables features three new songs to tide you over until the band's ensuing full length next spring. Lead track "Midweek Midmorning" is a fantastic pop affair that mines similar themes to previous Lucksmiths hits: sunshine, laziness and unemployment. With jangling guitars, trumpet, tambourine and excellent vocals, the song will surely provide the next entry in your favorite Lucksmiths songbook. The single also includes two great non-album tracks: "Point Being" is a catchy affair with handclaps and tambourines and a prominent bass line, while "Requiem for the Punters Club" completes the EP with an earnest tale about the closing of the band's favorite hometown purveyor of adult beverages'a lovely remembrance that builds to a wonderful sing-along chorus before concluding with the solitude of a wailing harmonica. Good stuff indeed.

Track listing:
1. "Midweek Midmorning"
2. "Point Being"
3. "Requiem For The Punters Club"

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