The Name What's In A Name?

Format: CD
Label: Pid
Price: $11.10
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Description: Import. (open case)

Track listing:
1. "You're Gonna Lose That Girl"
2. "Train"
3. "Out On My Own Again"
4. "She Really Shook Me Tonight"
5. "You're Gonna Lose The Girl (2)"
6. "Misfits"
7. "Love And The Army"
8. "Train (2)"
9. "Take Me Time (To Forget Her)"
10. "I Can See Through You"
11. "Fuck Art Lets Dance"
12. "In Crowd"
13. "In The Night Air"
14. "All Dried Up"
15. "Take Me To The River"
16. "Misfits"
17. "My Girl"
18. "Out On My Own Again"
19. "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere"
20. "Club DJ Outro"

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