Kanda - It's A Good Name For You Kanda It's A Good Name For You

Format: CD
Label: 555
Price: $8.95
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555 Description: After last years fanatically received debut 7inch, newfound East Coast synth darlings KANDA come up trumps with their anticipated debut full length. Tradeoff boy/girl vocals mix with a glorious blend of old skool sounds and futuristic beatz. Unashamedly retro and irresistably pop. The synthpop record Brian Wilson never made. Produced by Andrew and Bobby from Mahogany. Excellent classy sleeve, continuing the high standards set with the debut single. Will appeal to fans of Figurine and OMD.

Track listing:
1. "In C"
2. "Charlie Green"
3. "Too Many Boys"
4. "V.P.L."
5. "True Friends Are Golden"
6. "Mug Man"
7. "Dirty Talker"
8. "Landlord"
9. "Turtle"
10. "In The Fletch"
11. "Bryan + Ryan"

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