Origami Please Exit Quietly

Format: CD
Label: 555
Price: $8.95
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555/Red Square Description: From Melbourne Australia, Origami release their 2nd full length release (and first release available domestically outside Australia). After appearing on last years Mr.Lady comp "Calling All Kings And Queens", (with the lesbian surf hit "Nancy Drew"), Origami have been building up a steady reputation within the grrrl underground rock world, and are currently supporting Sleater Kinney in Australia. Core members Rhonda and Natalie present a full length crammed with pop hooks, chiming guitars, driving bass and sparse multi layered instrumentation. Will appeal to fans of Kill Rock Stars, Mr Lady and K Records. The CD features guest slots from Sarah Dougher (Mr.Lady/K records), and the wonderful STS (The Haggard/Cadillaca/Shemo)

Track listing:
1. "Stand Up!"
2. "Testing Societies"
3. "She's Got The Rhythm"
4. "Berlin"
5. "Get It Off"
6. "Little Word"
7. "Gtr-Gtr"
8. "Delilah"
9. "Morning Sailor"
10. "Untitled"

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