Various Artists - Survive And Advance Vol. 1 Various Artists Survive And Advance Vol. 1

Format: CD-S
Label: Merge
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Description: Mostly previously unreleased tracks by Imperial Teen, Ashley Stove, Lambchop, Spoon, Spaceheads, Ladybug Transistor, Destroyer, the Gothic Archies, Portastic, Radar Bros., East River Pipe, Annie Hayden, David Kilgour, and Crooked Fingers.

Track listing:
1. Imperial Teen: "Sugar"
2. Radar Bros.: "Silver Shoes"
3. East River Pipe: "Machine Man"
4. Annie Hayden: "Lonely & Lonely"
5. Spoon: "Small Stakes"
6. Lambchop: "The Puppy And The Leaf (live)"
7. David Kilgour: "Little Bird"
8. Portastic: "Northern Sky (live)"
9. Crooked Fingers: "Hurricane"
10. Ashley Stove: "Amen Grasshopper"
11. Destroyer: "Chosen Few"
12. the Gothic Archies: "Smile: No One Cares How You Feel"
13. Ladybug Transistor: "Nico Norte (live)"
14. Spaceheads: "Atmo (live)"

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