Miika Grady Curtains

Format: CD
Label: Honey
Price: $7.10
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Honey Records Description: This latest installment of the bumblBEAR/Honey
family is an offspring from the "build your own Radio" compilation. Miika was starting to write some solo songs around the time that comp was coming out and he contributed his song "Faith" which was a reported favorite on the comp. Now he has his first full-length release since his days in the band The Sidedoor Johnnies... and this new record is a hi-fi studio masterpiece with heavy handed beats along flowing atmospheric guitars and a new vocal style of lonely heartbroken crooner. Whereas Miika has a sound of his own, he is influenced by such sounds as The Cure, Nick Drake, and the Smiths.

Track listing:
1. "Glasses (intro)"
2. "Inbetween Worn-Out Seams"
3. "Curtains"
4. "Noticed"
5. "Gently"
6. "So We Lied"
7. "Lullaby"
8. "Blue"
9. "Taking Time Is Hell"
10. "Dance With Me"

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