Miss July Foxy Moron

Format: CD
Label: Bumblebear
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Bumblebear Description: Miss July is a super pop-rock (sometimes punk) band from Tallahassee, FL. lead by all girls but with a boy drummer who was brought up on the likes of Minor Threat, and other such early 80's punk treats. So behind these lovely upbeat melodies is a powerful beat that won't quit. This is Miss July's second record with bumbleBEAR and we're so happy with it. They were insistant on getting into a "real" studio for this one and really rounding out the sound that they were always striving for. They toured this past summer in support of their first record "a new level of cool" so the music (which is somewhere in the neighborhood of That Dog or Tuscadero) is getting out there... and people are starting to buzz more and more about Miss July. Expect comp appearances very soon on the Happy Happy Birthday To Me label, as well as the Ladyfest South Benefit compilation.

Track listing:
1. "Perfection"
2. "Demand And Supply"
3. "Dream Angel"
4. "Wake Up"
5. "16"
6. "You're A Lousy Friend (kts)"
7. " Foxy Moron"
8. "Slumber Party"
9. "Galaxy Girl"
10. "Psychopath"
11. "Not Allowed"
12. "Keep In Touch"

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