Spraydog Mint Hand

Format: CD
Label: Kittridge
Price: $8.28
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Spray Dog Description: Third album (first to be released in the US) from this 5-piece from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Beautiful boy/girl vocals covered with plenty of noise and fuzzy guitars.

Track listing:
1. "You Are What I Love"
2. "Cal-Neva"
3. "Peardrops"
4. "Aspirin"
5. "By The Tide"
6. "Summer's Waiting"
7. "Girls Know Girls"
8. "Last Paragraph"
9. "Like Me"
10. "Don't Remember"
11. "No One's Home"
12. "Free To Disagree"
13. "Urgent"
14. "These Fields May Take Forever To Fill"

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