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Label: Words On Music
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Words On Music Description: Lincoln, Nebraska's For Against is one of America's most enduring and endeared independent pop musical ensembles. Since 1995, For Against has released six celebrated albums, three singles, and one 10" record, most of which were recorded for Bruce Licher's legendary Independent Project recording label.
\s\s\sWith Coalesced, For Against returns with their first album in five years, and one of their most compelling and melodic to date. Coalesced delivers Jeffrey Runnings' trademark soaring vocals enmeshed in a delicate latticework of guitars and punctuated rhythms, to craft an arresting blend of lucid, gorgeous atmospheres.
\s\s\sThe title track, "Coalesced," suggests the contemplative disposition of their first album, Echelons, only to burst into a rousing chorus and race through a three-minute coda of vigorous guitarwork. "Fuel" is a matchless ballad, perhaps the finest and most heartrending Runnings has ever written about the end of an affair. On "Medication" and "So Long," Paul Engelhard's spry, energetic drumming anchors Runnings' airy vocal melodies to Steven Hinrichs' sparkling guitars. The finale, "Love You," is an excursion into the scenic side of post-rock, weaving multiple layers of guitar melodies with a precise, balanced cadence and rhythm.
\s\s\sWords on Music is delighted to release Coalesced, a seamless, coherent masterpiece of riveting pop craftsmanship, unspoiled by studio contrivances or artistic pretensions.

Track listing:
1. "Medication"
2. "So Long"
3. "Fuel"
4. "Coalesced"
5. "Outside A Heart"
6. "Shelflife"
7. "Love You"

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