the Aislers Set - How I Learned To Write Backwards the Aislers Set How I Learned To Write Backwards

Format: CD
Label: Suicide Squeeze
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Suicide Squeeze Description: Ranging from baroque 60s pop to uptempo '86-flavored indie and then back to '79 style punk, How I Learned To Write Backwards expertly winds together so many strands of pop history with such personality, atmosphere and style that there's never any doubt that you're listening to a band with vision. You might hear a bit of Phil Spector's Wall of Sound or Laura Nyro's soulful lyricism, but The Aislers Set use the past as inspiration rather than a blueprint, delivering a well-integrated sound more akin to the spice in the stew rather than the stock of the soup.

Track listing:
1. "Catherine Says"
2. "Emotional Levy"
3. "Languor In The Balcony"
4. "Mission Bells"
5. "Sara's Song"
6. "Attraction Action Reaction"
7. "Through The Swells"
8. "The Train #1"
9. "The Train #2"
10. "Unfinished Paintings"
11. "Melody Not Malaise"

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