Tall Boy Goes On

Format: CD
Label: Red Square
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Red Square Description: This cd is the debut solo release by Matty Green (aka The Tall Boy) member of Boyracer, Empress, Girlboy Girl and Death By Chocolate, proving he is the melodic element in many of the aforementioned.
Matty draws widely on his experience in his many other bands to put together an album that incorporates such diverse elements as bossa nova rhythms, overdriven guitars, delicate finger picking, warm hushed, confiding vocals to explore themes of travel, confusion, and companionships. These 14 tracks start and end in Japan (where much of the CD was written) and travel the world over in between. Includes a fantastic cover of the Softies' "Make Up Your Mind".

Track listing:
1. "Masami Said"
2. "Tall Boy Theme"
3. "Make Up Your Mind"
4. "Trafalgar Road"
5. "Harley Davidson"
6. "Going To Gainesville"
7. "Conversations"
8. "It Goes On And On"
9. "Side B"
10. "Maid Of Orleans"
11. "TTB"
12. "The Mysteries Of Brazil"
13. "Toast And Love"
14. "Narita Departures"

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