Trenchmouth - More Motion-Best Of Trenchmouth More Motion-Best Of

Format: CD
Label: Thick Records
Price: $12.40
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Track listing:
1. "Making Money for the Freak Machine"
2. "Gold"
3. "Volcanic Action of My Soul"
4. "Dawning of a New Sound Session"
5. "Hitmen Will Suffocate the City"
6. "Power to the Amplifier"
7. "Telescopic"
8. "Yes, This Is the Place"
9. "Sea of Serenity"
10. "Man Without Lungs"
11. "Effects of Radiation"
12. "Doing the Flammability"
13. "How I Became Invincible"
14. "Set the Oven to 400 Degrees"
15. "In High Contrast"
16. "Contrast Beneath the Surface..."
17. "Broadcasting from the Heart"
18. "Onus"

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