Spacemen 3 Forged Prescriptions

Format: CDx2
Label: Space Age
Price: $17.18
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Track listing:
1. "Things'll Never Be The Same"
2. "Walking With Jesus"
3. "Come Down Easy (demo version)"
4. "Transparent Radiation (single version)"
5. "Ode To Street Hassle"
6. "Call The Doctor"
7. "Ecstacy Symphony"
8. "Feel So Good"
9. "Soul 1"
10. "Transparent Radiation"
11. "Come Down Easy"
12. "Walking With Jesus (demo version)"
13. "Things'll Never Be The Same (demo version)"
14. "We Sell Soul (previously unreleasd)"
15. "Starship (demo version)"
16. "Take Me To The Other Side (demo version)"
17. "Velvet Jam (previously unreleased)"
18. "Want You Right Now (previously unreleased)"

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