Biff Bang Pow - Waterbomb (Best Of) Biff Bang Pow Waterbomb (Best Of)

Format: CD
Label: Rev-Ola
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Rev-Ola Description: The original Creation band....once again dear friends, we give you....Biff Bang Pow!.....Led by Creation Records founders Alan McGee and Dick Green through a dizzying range of styles in their time, from Psychedelia to the further shores of Neil Young, with a line-up that at various times included Andrew Innes, Joe Foster, Ed Ball, Phillip King and many other reprobates who should have been in jail long ago, (most of the presidents men in fact) the works of Biff Bang Pow! span the Creation years from Living Room to drug psychosis, from scrabbling around to success, with an ease that's almost unnatural....and they had some damn fine tunes too, despite Alan and Dick's self-depracating nonsense....and there are a fine selection here! Brothers and sisters, the only band on Creation Records who never worried about being dropped, Biff Bang Pow!

*Band approved compilation of their finest moments
*From the original masters
*A must for Creation Records and Indie collectors

Track listing:
1. "Waterbomb!"
2. "There Must Be A Better Life"
3. "The Chocolate Elephant Man"
4. "Love And Hate"
5. "Wouldn't You?"
6. "Then When I Scream (Single Version)"
7. "Someone Stole My Wheels"
8. "Love's Going Out of Fashion"
9. "The Beat Hotel"
10. "Fifty Years Of Fun"
11. "The Death Of England"
12. "It Makes You Scared"
13. "She Never Understood"
14. "In The Afternoon"
15. "She Paints"
16. "The Girl From Well Lane"
17. "Baby, You Just Don't Care"
18. "Hug Me Honey"
19. "A Girl Called Destruction"
20. "She's Got Diamonds In Her Hair"
21. "Then When I Scream"
22. "Miss California Toothpaste 1972"
23. "The Whole World Is Turning Brouchard!"

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