Afterglow - Afterglow Afterglow Afterglow

Format: 12" vinyl LP
Label: Beat Rocket
Price: $14.96
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Description: 1960s psychedelic rock from California. 180 gram vinyl.

Track listing:
1. "Morning"
2. "Dream Away"
3. "Susie's Gone"
4. "Mend This Heart Of Mine"
5. "Afternoon"
6. "Chasing Rainbows"
7. "By My Side"
8. "It's A Wonder"
9. "Love"
10. "Riding Home Again"
11. "Meadowland Of Love"
12. "Susie's Gone (alt. version)"
13. "Chasing Rainbows (alt. backing track)"
14. "Afternoon (alt. backing track)"
15. "Morning (alt. backing track)"

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