Pale Sunday - A Weekend With Jane Pale Sunday A Weekend With Jane

Format: CD
Label: Matinee
Price: $5.65
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Matinee Description: Pale Sunday is a magnificent new trio from Brazil whose outstanding debut EP is on every hipster’s shopping list already. While demonstrating a love for classic acts from the Creation and Sarah rosters, the band manages to sound entirely modern with four of the catchiest songs in a long while. Combining perfectly jangling and sometimes fuzzy guitars with keyboards, strings, sing-along choruses, superb melodies, sha-la-la’s and a beefy rhythm track, the songs are top quality A-sides that demonstrate great promise for a superb young act. Fans of the Field Mice, Jesus and Mary Chain, Adorable or the Orchids—meet your new favorite band!

Track listing:
1. "A Weekend With Jane"
2. "Go Ahead"
3. "Today"
4. "The Girl With Sunny Smile"

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