the Snow Fairies Feel You Up

Format: CD
Label: Red Square
Price: $8.95
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Red Square Description: Having several years ago risen from the ashes of Philly’s Pop Sweethearts The Skywriters, The Snow Fairies have gotten better and better with each passing release, and this, their first full length cd, is their best effort yet. The band combines lyrics that are poignant and clever with catchy guitar, synth, and vocal melodies to make music that ranges from quietly intricate to blissfully shambolic in a matter of minutes. Come along as the Snow Fairies explore themes of love, loss, trips to Japan, the ins and outs of being a werewolf, and space travel.

Track listing:
1. "April Showers"
2. "Summer In Japan"
3. "Cutting A Rug With You"
4. "December Love"
5. "Secondhand Cough"
6. "Mind The Gap"
7. "Begins"
8. "The Place Where I Like To Read"
9. "Lovers In The Countryside"
10. "Tongue-Tied"
11. "El Misisipi"
12. "Freeze Dried Ice Cream"
13. "Almond Eyes"

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