Gravenhurst - Flashlight Seasons Gravenhurst Flashlight Seasons

Format: CD
Label: Red Square
Price: $8.95
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Red Square Description: 'How beautiful do you want beautiful to be?' asked a reviewer when Nick Talbotís debut album "Internal Travels" came out last year. The record was called devastatingly gorgeous, haunting, and riveting. "Flashlight Seasons" is a worthy follow up in that it surpasses his first album in beauty, in the subtle complexities of song structure and shows Nick maturing as a songwriter at an alarming rate.

Track listing:
1. "Tunnels"
2. "Fog Round The Figurehead"
3. "I Turn My Face To The Forest Floor"
4. "Bluebeard"
5. "The Diver"
6. "East Of The City"
7. "Damage"
8. "Damage II"
9. "The Ice Tree"
10. "Hopechapel Hill"

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